4 Cosmic Force of Natures

they are the four deity members that the two are evil and two are good. They are serpents with frills around their heads and sometimes, two of them have wings and two don't. each one has different looks and appearance like grass, water, etc



Great Mother: nature cosmic that grows plants, flowers and many nice things for nature and its body is covered in grass. The wings are made with leaves and sometimes flowers

H2O Tears: water cosmic that makes the rain and rises the water after the dry season. Its body takes a form like a water serpent


Pyroferno: flaming cosmic that spreads fire like a virus, rises from the explosions and spreads radioactive from the nuke's clouds. Its wings are made with fire to go along with his body in flames

Cyclone: Violent wind cosmic that blows everything, from the hurricane to tropical storms, Tornadoes, sandstorms or typhoon. its body is a form of a cloud-shape serpent. In sandstorms, he takes a form of sand.