Ion the sorcerer king
Grand Karcist Ion is a God and A Traitor to Yanaxulap as he'll make an upcoming debut in ROBLOX SCPverse.

He was a Student to Yan once, like his Mentor was Yan until then he betrays his teacher Yan and wanting to take over Yan's Place for knowing that yan wanting to rule the world.

But grand Karcist Ion wanted to rule some part of the universe, but Yan forbid it, he wanted to make it equal, but Grand Karcist didn't want to share. so he betrays Yan and wanting to be more powerful than Yan

Once he finds the chosen one, he'll trick him and make him become his puppet to destroy the borders, the godverse, and everything.

  • He will be the True Main Antagonist in Professor Roba's miniseries, he'll only appear in 4 episodes near the ending of the miniseries


  • Grand Karcist Ion will be a Mentioned character in ROBLOX SCPverse to be only The Main Villain in a different SCPverse like ZT2 SCPverse or Minecraft SCPverse