Ion Fist is the name of the army for Grand Karcist Ion's Army. full of ROBLOX Myths and video game Creepypasta (except Slenderman and Zalgo).

  • Although this is the 1st time ROBLOX Myths will be debuting in the ROBLOX SCPverse, so Rogers will confirm the ROBLOX Myths into the ROBLOX SCPverse in "War of the Yan"
  • Grand Karcist has an army of ROBLOX Myths and video game creepypastas. Yan himself has an army of Lovecraftian monsters, his creations, and some creepypastas (like Slendy and Zalgo)


  • Grand Karcist Ion
  • G0Z, Noli, The Family Cults, Masqueraze, and Various ROBLOX Myth members
  • Video Game Creepypasta's (Slendy and Zalgo are not part of this army, just saying)