is a mysterious entity and set at the Antagonist in ROBLOX SCPverse. He'll be Yan's Spy who will spy on the entire SCP Foundation, takes form as anything like a MTF Guard or angel, blocks the visions from gods. If you look at his Mirror face, it'll show a reflection of Yourself, but distorted and messed up. whoever destroys Mirror-Face's Face, the person will become the new Mirror-Face.

Famous Quotes

  • "No one knows how to stop him, no one gets away from a legend, speak his name out loud as an insult if someone's a bully, they'll encounter him, but there will pay a huge price for making a big mistake, looking at his mirror and it'll show a disturbing face of a person, but it'll also happen in real life as well and whoever tries to kill Mirror-Face. They'll become the new Mirror-Face" -Person who explains about Mirror-Face

  • He'll also have his own movie, but not a spin-off just like the scarlet king
  • He is Secretly a Cosmic Entity and joins the cataclysm of existance
  • He is an OC Character, however, he is from a real movie, but he will be a different type of villain, just like Viron