ROBLOX SCP Foundation: The Final Foundation

it is the 5th and the upcoming Finale to the SCP Foundation Saga before new movies.

  • The Release Date will be on September the 8th 2018


Yanaxulap has a Plan to destroy the chosen one, so he will wait until the chosen one is dead. Rogers has been thinking if he should return or not, until then, as he is watching TV. SCP-079 Takes control of the TV About the end of SCP Foundation has come. Rogers must return to the SCP Foundation and plans to find where the borders are located at to Confront The Most Powerful being, Yanaxulap. Will the Chosen One prevail with the guidance of the undercover god, Sword Cubee? Or will the SCPs and their masters rule everything for an eternity.


ROBLOX SCP Foundation The Final Foundation

ROBLOX SCP Foundation The Final Foundation