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ROBLOX SCPverse: Cthulhu

It is the 6th and the 1st Full Length Spin-Off movie of the ROBLOX SCPverse. which Cthulhu will be the first Lovecraftian Monster to make it's Debut as a Titular Villain.

  • The Release date is going to be in 14th of October, it use to be 27th but now changed it to 14th of October
  • Before we release it, since you all been waiting so good, i'll make another short for everyone
  • this movie has putten a first Loving Memory mention of H.P Lovecraft


At Quill Lake, the scuba divers discovers a wreck ship in the underwater's toxic waste, but what appears in the ship is a large creature Cthulhu, The Scuba Divers leaves the area as the Cthulhu is awaken and goes off to find somewhere to attack. what will the creature do next if he arrives somewhere to attack? Will one new hero stop the Cthulhu without being insane

Sneak Peek (Full Movie Coming Soon)

ROBLOX SCPverse Cthulhu (Movie)

ROBLOX SCPverse Cthulhu (Movie)