1st ever story
ROBLOX SCPverse Story: Alexa Beta

it is the ROBLOX SCPverse's 1st ever Horror Script Story.

  • here's one detail for this story, there will be NO blood coming out from Alexa Beta, cause we all know about blood coming out from machines and it sounds pretty unreal. we'll only do the blood coming out ONLY if it's needed, like maybe the dream scene, but no blood on Alexa Beta.


As Richard is about to go home, he met a mysterious traveler who is holding the Beta version of Amazon Echo AKA Alexa. Richard takes it for free, arrives home as speaks to alexa to anything, next week later, things gone very scary as a swarm of flies appears out of nowhere, until Alexa begins to say very disturbing death jokes, including death and nasty threats. Richard will discover the terrifying truth of why the Beta version of Amazon Echo had never been shown to the public ever again.