alright everyone, lets make the rules simple and easy, just to be sure that'll be top list of the Popular Page, so make sure everyone gets their attention to the rules.

if my friends wanted to add more rules to the list, you are welcome to do so


  1. Do NOT Edit the pages unless you have mine or my friends permission
  2. H.P Lovecraft Monsters, Creepypasta and SCP's are allowed to be added in there, Only the three.
  3. OC's and ideas are also allowed, as long as they are good and usable for the ROBLOX SCPverse and we'll give you credit for that
  4. if you are using the OC characters (Like Yan, True God, Central Gods and others) be sure you give credit in the ending or Beginning credits
  5. Don't try giving a couple to Yanaxulap to yourselves if you all are one of the shippers, that's up to Richard Richter (Formerly known as Sword Cubee), not you all, which i have a feeling he might be better to be single since he is there after the big bang, so don't do it yourselves, just wait...