The SCPverse or also known as Sigma Orionis is the name for the galaxy to be created by the mysterious entity. It is created in the Continuum until it is put in the borders and puts it where the rest of the galaxies without True God's Permission were created. It has a few planets, Earth-0682, Norus, Gomia 8550 and Phukizuno. Even just a sun and a moon.

Yanaxulap calls it SCPverse for a reason because he spreads the SCP's inside the borders to Sigma Orionis, even himself in his alien-like-god form, a very rare galaxy for a 1st Target to take over what is inside the borders of the Continuum and Godverse. True God calls it Sigma Orionis for a reason because of real galaxies were meant to have a real name. Two gods named one galaxy with two names.

The SCPverse is filled with many other creations from other nearby Fictions, and that is why it is isolated from the rest of the Continuum within the Continuum Shield (The Borders).