Solemn Isle
Solemn Isle is a dark Location, abandoned by must not be visited. It is an Island that'll appear in Before the Foundation and the Saga with the same name. It has a very dark history, never good, but always bad


6th Century BC

  • The Cults of Yanaxulap discovers this island and builds a camp here
  • They created a dark Underworld in this island
  • 20 Years later the Invaders stops the Cults and kills them

15th Century

  • The New Cults of Yanaxulap has arrived to build a house
  • Buys Supplies for the ritual of Yanaxulap
  • Creating their Own Secret Society and became allies with the Illuminati Society

18th Century

  • The Cult of Yan Members grows big with more members
  • Invaders once again found the new cults and kills them, which some survives and some didn't
  • Yanaxulap is summoned by the blood and sets a curse on this island

19th Century

  • Demons begins to Haunt the island
  • Paranormal investigations happened
  • demons left the island (but not Zozo which he's on the 2nd land)

20th Century

  • A Man name John who'll be the Founder of The SCP Foundation buys this house on this island
  • John made a Deal with Yan and Kills his Family in order to create the SCP Foundation
  • John Returns to the island and found out Yan's True Nature of The Deal
  • John Commited Suicide after the retirement as founder of SCP Foundation as Yan recreates John, but a fallen angel monster

21st Century (Present)

  • Island is still abandoned but will someday be found