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Specimens are Apollyon class in Zone 4 and They are The Minor Antagonists in SCP Foundation. They are created by Yanaxulap and were sent by the Scarlet King and they have the power to destroy the world if they are released.

The 6 Specimens are:

Specimen 01: A powerful, golden Specimen who uses electrical powers and can control minds.

Specimen 02: A frosty, long, slug. It can freeze large areas and recreate an Ice Age without a single though.

Specimen 03: A huge, Kaiju like monster. He has immense strength and can crash down huge buildings by breathing.

Specimen 04: A furry beast who just wants a hug. However, his poisonous breathe can control beings, even demigods. He can teleport with his mind, too.

Specimen 05: A scorpion who is so loud, creating sonar waves which can kill people within a small radius, very powerful and deadly.

Specimen 06: "Doom", the most powerful one. He is very slow but has immense fire powers, he is impossible to kill, like SCP-682, and can burn through almost anything and create atomic explosions.