Scarlet King 1
The Scarlet King is The One of the Main Antagonists (Along with Yanaxulap) in ROBLOX SCPverse Series. He is based by the Poem and SCP Mythos and he is a demon king that wanted to destroy existance.


  • He will be Set as The Titular Main Antagonist in his own movie Saga


  1. SCP Foundation Saga (2, 3, 4 and 5)
  2. The Scarlet King Saga
  3. Chaos Insurgency Chapter 3
  4. SCP Area Unknown III
  5. SCP Research Center Saga
  6. Before the Foundation (2 and 3)
  7. Site-13 Trilogy
  8. Area-34 Saga
  9. What's Left Forgotten Trilogy
  10. Yanaxulap (Trilogy)
  11. The Legend of The Godverse
  12. SCP-999's Little Adventure
  13. The Birth of SCP-682
  14. Central Gods
  15. Lovecraftian Rises Trilogy
  16. Church of The Broken God (2nd movie)
  17. Serpent Hand's Trilogy (2nd movie)
  18. Yan's Power (3rd movie)
  19. SCP Foundation Reborn (5th movie)
  20. Robloxia Invasion