A Vironite is the name of anything that is part of the technological army under Viron as part of Yanuxalap's plan for the Godverse. A Vironite is either created from already existing matter or is a piece of tech that has been hacked or turned onto Viron's side. Vironites can be anything from televisions to robots to cars, but they all have the same small cube within them (Called the Viron Cube, this controls them) that can grow bigger or smaller and have the ability to fire powerful lasers forth at enemies. They can turn into this Viron Cube at times.

Vironites repair very quickly and can gather together to form objects, an example would be a bunch of Vironite cubes gathering together to form into a giant humanoid. Viron Cubes are very heavy yet roll with ease and can bounce very high. They also all have one hivemind, so communication between all of them is instant and there is absolutely no conflict between them.

Although Vironites do pledge allegiance to Yan, they practically worship Viron and if Viron were to betray Yan, the Vironites would follow Yan till they are destroyed (or the Viron Cube inside of them is destroyed)