War of the Yan 
will be a full-length Movie Episode for the ROBLOX SCPverse, this time directed by Sword Cubee and written by Minecraftrogers2001

  • This will be Sword Cubee's first-to-be Director for this Movie for Phase 2 of ROBLOX SCPverse
  • This will also be The Continuum Pictures First Movie
  • as part of Phase 2, it'll be the 7.5 part in it.


Since the Aftermath of the True God's Defeated, why isn't Yan going to earth yet? well, There is a huge war against Yanaxulap and Grand Karcist Ion. their creations fighting for space and time. Sword Cubee had been informed by the pet of True God "Uheia The Golden Fowl" about the war that is going on, now it is up to him to stop the war before Either Yan or Grand Karcist wins the victory of the universes Domination.