Yanaxulap/Yanuxalap is one of The Main Antagonists and The Bigger Bad in ROBLOX SCPverse Series. He is the strongest being in the Godverse. He is an Ancient Entity larger than the Godverse. He was one of the two beings that was always just there along with the True God. He created multiple powerful beings such as the Scarlet King, Cthulhu, Azathoth, etc.

Yanaxulap can appear in many forms, his most known form is his alien-like form with large red wings. He is omnipotent and immortal, and can corrupt powerful beings.

He wants to open up the Borders of the SCP Godverse to allow himself and his creatures inside.

He can even access levels of fiction, similar to 2747, and is the most powerful being of all time, even the True God has been defeated by him because he has absorbed many powers.


  • He is the Main Antagonist in all ROBLOX SCPverse phases
  • Yanaxulap's Short name is Yan which means "One" from an Old English from the Past history
  • Yan's Theme is Decay from Kevin Macleod's Non-Copyrighted Music
  • He is a mentioned Character but later made his Debut in "Minecraft Rogers: Finding Yanaxulap" in Minecraft Rogers's ROBLOX gameplay series
  • He also have a game as a Titular Unseen Main Antagonist in it
  • Out of Universe, Yanaxulap will be confirmed to be The Main Antagonist in Rogers's ROBLOX Series: The Mythology Chronicles
  • He even has a true form, something similar to a lovecraftian monster


  • "This Godverse.. is just worthless.. this Godverse is full of tiny foolish bacterias that will soon infect other timelines. The population will grow and they will attempt to screw the many universes up. Humans should never exist. I feel the Scarlet King's Pain, existence is a pain full of inferioricity. But I'll soon make them pay the price, by causing Destruction back to them! I control the Cosmic Beings, I'll Make The True God Pay for his stupid idea.. Ill toy him around and make him open the Borders! When the Borders are opened, i'll make sure every tiny Bacteria is dead and everything will be remade of what I imagine in my vision for the Godverse! Cthulhu, the Scarlet King, my minions. We shall BATHE in the blood of the weak!"                                                              -Yanaxulap planning to take over the entire Continuum
  • "We'll meet again. Don't know where. Don't know when. But I know we'll meet again. Some sunny day"                      -Yanaxulap's scary quote from Vera Lynn's: We'll meet again