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Yanaxulap (Movie)

It is the 19th and the 5th Spin-Off Movie of the Universe, Featuring Yanaxulap as the Titular Villain.

  • This project will be a big one, it'll be a 2-hour movie running time
  • This project will be in Association with Thunderfilm Entertainment and The Continuum Pictures
  • It'll be based on "The document of Yanaxulap" and the character itself


Rogers and Sword Cubee Investigate the History of Yanaxulap with a help with Richard who will be phoning him from his school, from Cave to church and the house. Afterward, they'll know something isn't right around here, they'll know that Yanaxulap will be with the Main Cult The Emperor. Rogers, Sword Cubee (Richard Richter) and Richard will encounter The Titular Cosmic Entity after the investigation.